Copernicus data (2018), processed by KNMI

Sentinel Citizen

combining citizen science data and satellite data to forecast air pollution

Sentinel Citizen is a pilot project that develops a prototype of a local air pollution forecast. It does so by combining citizen science air quality data from Waag’s Hollandse Luchten with satellite data and the global atmospheric forecasting model.


see the prototype in action


The project takes its name from the European Sentinel satellite family. It proposes a new family member, an engaged citizen observing the quality of the living environment on a ground orbit.

Citizen observations are usually pointed toward a very concrete environmental as well as societal concerns located in their surroundings. Majority of such environmental sensing efforts contribute to the scientific understanding of these concerns with limited capacity for societal impact.

The Sentinel Citizen pilot project focuses on direct citizens empowerment. In collaboration between Waag and IHS, the project developed a local air pollution forecast model with two-day dust particle concentration forecast. Such forecasts contribute to scientific literacy of local communities, reduce the uncertainty of fore-coming pollution peaks that can be communicated between the local stakeholders as well as fill the gaps in under sampled in-situ hot spot areas, especially in India, Brazil and in Africa (CO2 Green report).